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Got my second review.. Huge thank you my fellow woman warrior! You are amazing! 💜🌙


Silently Suffering


From my chapbookA Fragmented Soul: Despair of the Narcissitically Abused available on amazon

Overcome the scum

You Say
You only had
My best interest at heart
From the very start
If that was true
You wouldn’t have
Taken a dip into
My pool
When I was only 15
You only had
One thing on your mind
And I promise it had nothing
To do
With what was best
For me
You see
I am no longer blinded
By your words
All you left was hurt
And insecurities
Yeah I know I’m not perfect
I’m bruised and broken
No more words left unspoken
You are scum
You had left me so numb
But I broke free of your chains
And now nothing will ever be the same
It was all part of your game
Not any more
I slammed the door

Luna Love

From my chapbook A Fragmented Soul: Despair of the Narcissistically Abused